As a value add to your guests you may wish to include the Bali Tourist Card into you accommodation package.

This can be done in a number of ways:

1. You may wish to include it into your accommodation package costs and to pass this cost onto your guest.  

2. You may wish to gift it for use to high value guests, like a set of keys or room card it goes out and comes back each time a guest checks in or out. You pay for this and the guest gets to use it and return it for the next guest to use. This is a six month card and has a different cost structure to the retail or gift card.

3. You may wish to buy and sell the Bali Tourist Card and receive a commission based on sales. This card lasts as long as a tourist visa (total 60 days), can be recharged if the guest stays longer, and must be pre-purchased by the Distributor prior to sale.  We do not work on consignment. There are two different cards with a differential pricing model.

We offer a unique opportunity, to value add to your guests experiences. If you require more than one card we can discuss a special offer with you directly.

Please contact us for more information.