Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Retail outlets, Travel and Tour Operators

The Bali Tourist Card is like any product found on a supermarket or convenience store shelf, it does not have an expiry date.
The QR code is located on the back of the card and must scanned via an app scanner such as QR Droid, Bakodo or other.  This scanned QR code validates the Members card and provides access to website.

By distributing the Bali Tourist Card, you encourage Tourists to come into your store and buy. Not only will they buy the Bali Tourist Card but it is well know that impulse buying occurs very often when people come in for one thing and walk out with a few things.

The Bali Tourist Card brands you on Point of Sale material, online and through different media, check out the benefits page.

We provide a commission based structure for our retail outlets and look forward to working closely with our Distributor Partners to ensure that the marketing of the card creates sufficient awareness to encourage people to buy it through your outlet.

Please contact us for more information.