Gift It

How often are you looking for that gift that is a little different, that appeals to both you and the person receiving it?

Here is an opportunity to give someone something handy, something they really need if you know they are heading off to Bali, Indonesia for a holiday soon, or even in the future.

If living in Bali, you may wish to gift the card to someone for a special occasion or use it yourself when you have visitors that you are spending time with here. Please look at our Distributors to know where you can purchase a silver or gold card.

If visiting Bali for the first time or whether the person has had numerous visits, the Bali Tourist Card provides the card holder with value for money savings at a wide variety of venues. What a great idea!

What is it?

The Bali Tourist Card is a beautifully presented plastic card, that has a website and soon to be, a mobile application that provides the cardholder with savings that reward them at selected venues and informs you about the latest information on what's hot and happening in Bali. The happenings and offers show a listing of all the venues, their location, contact details, savings and more. All are easily available for the cardholder.

The card does not expire as long as it is NOT VALIDATED. In other words you can buy it months ahead when convenient to you, gift it months later. Once the card is authenticated you start to use it.  The card can last short term 7 days, longer term 60 days and there will be for locals, expats and, frequent returnees 365 day card in the future.

The holder of the Bali Tourist card holder must be 18 years of age or over to use it.

What does it cost?

All prices are listed under the heading Card Costs but are placed here as a reminder.There are different prices for  the Bali Tourist Card.
7 day card retails for $15 USD (195,00 IDR online, 199,000 IDR retail)
60 day retail silver card is  $30.00 USD (390,000 IDR)
60 day retail gold card is $50.00 USD. (650,000 IDR)  
Online 60 day silver is  $25.95 USD (338,00 IDR)
Online 60 day gold is $45.95 USD (598,000 IDR).
Local, expat, frequent returnee 365 day card is 910,000 IDR silver and 1.300,000 IDR for gold.
Students $20 USD (260,000 IDR)
Alumni silver $23.95 USD (312,000 IDR) or gold $43.95 USD (572,000 IDR). Check with your university and if they don't have an agreement with the Bali Tourist Card suggest it to them.
The gold card is inclusive of savings at hotels in food and beverage, spas and sometimes activities. If your card expires, RECHARGE so as not to contribute to the plastic issue on Bali.

Recharge card prices vary please look at the top of the main page headings menu. Silver $22.95 USD (299,000 IDR), Gold $42.95 USD (559,000 IDR). Student cards remain the same price. Local, expat and frequent returnee also can recharge online also for cheaper prices,  silver $68 USD (885,000 IDR) or gold  $98 USD (1.274,000 IDR).


By gifting this card to another you are also contributing to supporting the Safe Childhoods Foundation in Bali. This amazing charity assists ‘at risk’ children from being trafficked and exploited. For more information please go to


No matter the age of the person, the card authentication and information are at your fingertips. Friendly Indonesian people are always available to lend a helping hand should you need it at accommodation and other venues listed on our sites.