How To




The registration process is in two parts. Please note that the first part is to be undertaken by everyone who purchases or is gifted a card. The second part of the registration is for security purposes and the account activation.

Step 1. Go to Buy Card on the home page top menu or Behind The Scenes - Member- Register. Fill out our Registration Form and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Please be accurate with the information you provide us, as we may need to contact you sometime in the future.

Step 2. You will be directed through our Payment Gateway

Step 3. You will receive an email with a card number and CVC code. Click on the login and fill out your email and password when ready to validate your card and use. If you are not coming to Bali for many months, the card does not expire till it is validated. There is a short stay card that lasts 7 days, a longer stay card that lasts 60 days and there will be a local, expat, frequent returnee card that last 360 days in the near future. Ask about the one you want. Check out: 'Who are Our Providers' and enjoy savings that vary in the main between 15% and 30%.
Step 4. Fill out your profile
QR CODE VALIDATION: Remember to authenticate the QR code.

** If purchasing a card to receive benefits to an event, workshop or retreat, prior to your arrival in Bali, send the Provider of the service an image of the front of your card showing the number on the right hand side. The Provider will give you a discount for being a Member of the Bali Tourist Card. You do not need to use the QR code to validate your card until prior or on your to your arrival in Bali.

If you have purchased your card from a distributor you will need to go to Register. You will need to go through the top process (1) but tick the box that says you have already purchased a card otherwise you will be taken to the payment gateway. Complete the second process.
Step 1. Click on Buy Card on the top menu or Go to Behind the Scenes- Member- Register and tick box to show the card has been purchased.
Step 2. Add the 7 digit no on the front and the CVC code on the back. An email confirmation will be sent.

Step 3. LOGIN on the top of the home page, complete profile and use your QR code to validate your card.
If you are not planning to come to Bali for sometime but have been gifted or purchased the card prior to arrival please do not validate till you are ready to use it.