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Easy to use, all offers are passed directly to our Members. We do not receive any commissions or special benefits from our Providers.

Benefit with every purchase

How does it work? We offer an unmatched range of venues, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, spas, spiritual and healing, tourist attractions and more with every purchase you make with the Bali Tourist Card. The Silver 60 day card pays for itself within 2-4 days depending on usage and the gold 60 day within 4 - 7 days depending on usage.


We have created a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our Members and Distributors come from the global community while we support our local Providers, their employees and local charities in Bali. 

Savings range from 15% - 30%. Go to 'Who Are Our Providers'  to see the ever growing list of services offered on the Bali Tourist Card. You will not see the actual offerings prices as we aim to provide exclusivity to our Providers.

In no time at all you will have paid off the cost of your card and in the process save money at each venue you use. The more you use the card the more you save.Savings offered vary from Provider to Provider, some offer a direct percentage off, others a unique deal, exclusive to the Bali Tourist Card.

Discover new places and enjoy the experience.


We offer two cards to our Members, a silver or gold. Cards can bought through various distribution channels - please check 'Who are our Distributors'.  Cards are priced, based on the choice you make - 7 day, 60 day, 365 day. Our 7 day silver card is $15 USD (195, 000 IDR), retail card 60 day card is $30 USD (390,000 IDR) and gold $50 USD (650,000 IDR). Our fantastic gold card includes special offers that reward you at hotels/resorts in F&B, spas and some have included activities. We also have special deals for Students, silver card $20.00USD (260,000 IDR), Alumni: silver $23.95 (312,000 IDR) or gold $43.95USD (572,000 IDR) and expats. local and frequent returnee 365 day card silver  (910,000 IDR)  or gold (1.300,000 IDR).  So as not to contribute to the plastic issue on the island RECHARGE your card online for additional usage benefits 60 days- silver $22.95 USD (299,000 IDR) and gold $42.95 USD (559,000 IDR and online ceaper prices for recharge of local, expat and frequent returnee cards silver $68.00 USD (884,000 IDR) and gold  $98.00 USD (1.275 IDR)
If you are a regular visitor to Bali you can recharge your card online at a lower cost than when you initially bought it.  The offers that we list are updated and new Providers join us so you can always visit and try new places.


The Bali Tourist Card is the Travellers Card of Choice and a brand of quality in Bali. We visit all venues and facilities personally to ensure they provide quality for our members.