Your holiday in Bali is over, you are planning to return or have decided to extend your 30 day tourist visa because you love the island paradise. Whatever your reason, we are thrilled you are recycling your card and not disposing of it.

To reward you for recycling and not adding to the plastic issue that is already prevalent within Bali, we are offering you a special online recharge rate. This recharge rates vary based on the card you have previously purchased. The 7 day card can be recharged for the online silver card price and gives you additional usage in Bali. The online  60 day card silver card is $22.95 USD (299,000 IDR) and gold $42.95 USD (599,000 IDR) Check out on the payment gateway the recharge price based on your card number.

How do I recharge?

Your card has a unique identifier number attached to it and we have your details already recorded within our database.

1.    Put in the digits on the right hand side of the card you initially purchased
2.    Your details will pop up
3.    Pay
4.    You will be sent an email to validate the card
5.    Login in (if you can recall your password or request another one)
6.    Use the card as before
7.    Remember to look at the latest offerings
8.    Enjoy