Providers are businesses that provide a service or product. They provide the Bali Tourist Card with special offers to encourage Tourists both foreign and domestic to use selected venues around Bali thereby assisting the local community.

The venues are selected on a recommendation and on a visit and sampling by the staff of the Bali Tourist Card.

Providers are invited to join based on a standard of hospitality. They must also provide the Bali Tourist Card with a unique offer, direct or indirect discount that value adds to the tourist experience.

Only Providers that offer 'entertainment value', no accommodation or retail outlets are the focus of the Bali Tourist Card.  Hotels that provide auxiliary services such as food and beverage, spas or activities are included into the gold card only.

Our Providers are very important people thus we aim to work closely with them to ensure that the tourist experience is a smooth one.

In return for joining us we offer our Providers the following:

•    Branded and marketed online through the Bali Tourist website

•    Branded and marketed via the Bali Tourist Mobile application (coming soon)

•    Branding and marketing via social media

•    Able to access and update own information online 

•    Access to analytics via our website

•    Access to customer reviews

•    Access to a Provider forum to share information

•    Shown to be contributing to supporting charities in Bali